Ovarian Cancer

Pathology stain of serous ovarian cancer

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

What is ovarian cancer and how do you get it without ovaries? There’s a lot of information out there on the web as I found out early on. Some of it more reliable than others. After a lot of scary information, I decided to quit web-surfing. For any information about cancer, you need a reliable source. My go-tos are the American Cancer Society website https://www.cancer.org/ or the MD Anderson site https://www.mdanderson.org/.

Unfortunately, you can get ovarian cancer without having ovaries. It’s possible at some point cells from the ovaries or Fallopian tubes can migrate to other areas inside the abdomen and then at some point in time decide to grow into cancerous cells. This is what happened in my case. My cancer is not a solid tumor, it’s small spots on the inside of the abdominal wall. So my treatment plan consists of three rounds of chemo, then surgery to remove any remaining cancer, followed by an additional three rounds of chemo. Then I hope to be in remission and able to go on a new drug specifically for patients with a BRCA gene mutation called a parp inhibitor. This drug has shown promise in improving long-term survival rates for those with ovarian cancer. I’m looking forward to this day!

6 thoughts on “Ovarian Cancer

  1. This educated me and I am heartened to hear how your treatment flows. You’ve done great absorbing this challenging diagnosis and your spirit is strong.💗


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