I can’t imagine going through this journey without friends. I have had such an outpouring of love and support from friends in all aspects of my work, community, and life that it has been overwhelming to feel so loved. I know I am on countless prayer lists and on many hearts and minds. This gives me such comfort to know that I have such a strong support group behind me all the way! I’m continuously grateful.

15 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Jen, I realize we aren’t close but I do consider you a friend and I do pray for you. Prayers that you beat this horrible disease and that we can go out for our birthday’s again! 🥰

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  2. Jen, I believe in the power of prayer and send loving prayers up every day. You amaze me with your Faith, strength and positive attitude. Blessings, my friend! You got this!

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  3. Jen, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t help but think back to the beginning of our friendship…. Cale was like 18mo old when I had the privilege to watch him grow and to hear him say “Goi”…. for his drink….oh the memories.☺️
    You have one of the greatest smiles that can brighten anyone’s day. I know there are so many people praying for you including Mark and I. God’s got this my friend!

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  4. Jen,
    I have known you many years now. You know the journey I have gone thru. I just want you to know I understand your thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes. I think of you often and pray for you everyday. Have faith and know you are loved. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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