Here’s to a GREAT 2020!

This is a sweet photo of me and my dad on Christmas Day that my sister snapped. I had no idea that she had taken the photo until she randomly sent it to me a few days later. I had pulled off my hat and laughed that my dad and I could be twins! Yes, my hair is coming in and yes…it’s silvery white and straight so far. I’m just glad it is coming back in.

Because I had chemo on December 13th, I was able to enjoy the holidays with my family and felt great. I’m definitely grateful that I was able to go to both my husband’s family and my family for Christmas. We had a great Christmas morning with Cale, Conner, Cam and I. I’m also grateful that I continued to feel well enough to celebrate the New Year with a night out with Cam.

I had chemo 5 of 6 today! I’m happy that I am so close to being done and definitely pleased that my tumor marker is extremely low and in the normal range compared to when I was first diagnosed. This definitely demonstrates that I am headed in the right direction. I can’t express enough gratitude to the cancer care team at Community Howard Regional Cancer Center. They have taken exceptional care of me.

I appreciate continued prayers for complete resolution as well as the strength and comfort to get through the side effects of these last two treatments. Here’s to a GREAT 2020! I am excited to see what this year holds in store for me and my family.

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